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About Us

The Lancashire Heeler Club

In the 1970s a group of Lancashire Heeler enthusiasts got together and formed The Lancashire Heeler Club and in 1978 they wrote a breed standard to give an overall guide as to what the dog should aspire to.  The first registrations of the breed were recorded at the Club on 1st October 1978 by Mr Peter Welch and other registrations soon followed.  A special mention should also go to Mrs Gwen Mackintosh and her committee who managed to get the breed recognised by the Kennel Club in 1989 and from then on the dogs were registered direct to the Kennel Club.

The Breed

Lancashire Heelers were very popular in Lancashire especially during the 1950s and 60s.  There was a revival after the Second World War and they were bred by local farmers across the country.  These small dogs were often know as Black and Tans or Ormskirk Heelers, depending on the area and a large amount of people also kept them as pets. Lancashire Heelers were bred and used by the local farmers for herding their livestock and taking their stock to cattle markets - they nipped the heels of cattle without breaking the skin, hence the name "Heeler".  They were used at the back of the herd to drive cattle forward whilst collie dogs were used along the flanks.  They are also excellent ratters as well as good guard dogs, therefore an all-puporse farm dog!  

They are small, lively dogs and a joy to be around - very loyal, healthy and long lived with many reaching the age of 15+

Four Lancashire Heelers
Meet The Team


Miss Debra Dawes

Honorary Secretary

Mrs Liz Thwaite

Mobile: 07732709627

Honorary Treasurer

Mrs Carol Fairest

Committee Members

Mrs Lynn Jones

Mrs Janet Erwin

Miss Rachel Irvine

Mrs Joan Huck

Mrs Kaydie Creasey

Mrs Debbie Howdle

Mrs Sue Wiseman

Mrs Caroline Whiteman

Mrs Ann Jordan

The Lancashire Heeler Club President - Mrs Enid Lord

Lancashire Heeler Club Honarary Life Members 

Mrs Liz Cartledge, Mrs Enid Lord , Mrs Julia Swann, Mrs Pat Taylor

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