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Lancashire Heeler Club Rescue

The Lancashire Heeler Club has a Rescue Fund specifically for the rescuing and rehoming of Lancashire Heelers and is funded by voluntary donations, raffles and fund raising events.


Similarly, there is a Lancashire Heeler Health Fund which is funded in the same manner for the health of the breed.

The Lancashire Heeler Club Breed Rescue programme


Dogs need re-homing for a variety of reasons, often where owners can no longer look after them due to moving into sheltered accommodation or due to illness.  The unique temperaments of these dogs means we have to place rescued dogs with people who are suitable.  We have experienced breeders who assess each dog that comes into Rescue and our objective is to place each dog in an appropriate home and help the dog to adjust to his new environment which all takes time and patience. 

We are always looking for good people to take and make a new home for these unfortunate dogs, so if you think you can help please contact:

Mrs Enid Lord on 07941305313


Rescue News

No dogs currently in Rescue
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